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Webinar: Media aggregation for IVI systems

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Blog


3rd December 2020

Consumer media consumption is higher than ever, only accelerated by recent global lockdown and stay at home measures. Together with private vehicle registrations bouncing back and the promise of autonomous vehicles enabling drivers to focus on activities other than driving, is this the perfect time to address the in-vehicle experience? Takeshi Kanemoto thinks so.

To explain how the journey of the future can move from conceptual to usable reality, Takeshi, Technical Consultant to leading automakers, recently spoke at the Automotive Linux Summit 2020 in Japan. We wanted to make the virtual session more widely available below.

Is this the perfect time to address the in-vehicle experience?

The 30-minute session covers:

  • Media consumption trends in the pandemic era
  • In-car entertainment of the future
  • State of in-car connectivity today
  • Challenges of moving towards mass adoption

Like to learn more? Sure, here’s what the session will cover in more detail.

More, more, more media consumption

Unless you’ve been living in an internet free wilderness, we all have experience of our personal media consumption increasing over recent years. With digital TV, internet streaming and gaming the content of the day. Fast forward to 2020 and COVID-19 only accelerated this trend. Some data shows streaming services adding 12 million new sign ups during the pandemic and viewing times on such services up 71% on 2019*.

Multiple screens on the move

Throw into the mix that it is commonplace to use multiple screens concurrently and often sequentially to accomplish a task. Think starting your Christmas shopping on your mobile device whilst in transit, looking at images and reviews, then moving to complete the purchases on the larger screen of your PC at home.

Autonomous, multimedia and mobility  

Another by-product of the pandemic is the recovery of and resurgence in private vehicle ownership as people shun public transportation for the time being. Combine all of this with the promise of autonomous vehicle levels 3, 4 and 5 enabling drivers to do less driving and we’re really in the realms of the vehicle being a multimedia hub on wheels. So much so that the use of consumer apps and content in-vehicle has a $200 billion total addressable market value.**

But before this can become a mainstream reality, Takeshi’s session explains there are challenges – legal, regional and technical – that must be overcome. And how a flexible software stack for discovery, aggregation and control of media/screen content could achieve that. Watch the session to learn more or contact us to discuss your project.

About the speaker

Takeshi Kanemoto is Technical Consultant at VNC Automotive. Takeshi works closely with customers including some of the top car OEMs, tier-1s and phone vendors, to integrate VNC Automotive software into their offerings. Takeshi is at the forefront of designing solutions for the next generation of infotainment systems.

*Source: BBC, 2020

** Source: Intel, 2020

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3rd December 2020