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Worlds third motorcycle maker offers CarPlay to riders through partnership between VNC Automotive and Enovation Controls

by | May 21, 2024 | News

VNC Automotive

21st May 2024

CAMBRIDGE, UK and OKLAHOMA, USA. VNC Automotive, leading provider of in-vehicle connectivity, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Enovation Controls, a Helios Technologies company, experts in rugged displays and controllers that empower users.

This partnership, for the yet undisclosed motorcycle maker, represents a significant milestone in motorcycle technology, and makes them the third motorcycle company in the world to feature CarPlay integration.

The partnership combines VNC Automotive’s industry standard CarPlay SDK seamlessly incorporated into Enovation Controls’ vehicle head units, delivering enhanced functionality and an unparalleled user experience for riders. What makes this project even more significant is that this is the seventh motorcycle model ever to have achieved CarPlay certification. —a real success for Enovation Controls and their customers.

The collaboration sees VNC Automotive provide their trusted CarPlay SDK, now deployed within tens of millions of vehicles, on Enovation Controls PowerView® Platform, favoured the world over by industrial, marine, and agricultural industries. This particular use case is for a recreational and specialised vehicle maker, within one of their premium three wheeled touring motorcycles, and represents a leap in the infotainment offering.


 “Together we’ve pulled off something great within motorcycle technology.” Tom Blackie, CEO, VNC Automotive

Riders can expect a range of benefits, including advanced connectivity between the motorcycle’s systems and their smartphone. Allowing riders to access essential information with ease and enjoy their preferred multimedia content and applications on the move. With Enovation Controls PowerView® Platform the infotainment system can become a display of, and intuitive controller for, the riders iOS device. Whilst the device itself is safely stowed away.

Billy Aldridge, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Enovation Controls says, “We are excited to introduce our PowerView Platform to the motorcycle market, enhancing the riding experience for enthusiasts worldwide. This was Enovation Controls’ inaugural display featuring the CarPlay connectivity protocol and we were delighted to partner with VNC Automotive to deliver this element. Their engineering team’s experience in this area was a fantastic addition to the project, greatly reducing time to market. Our motorcycle customer is delighted to offer even more exhilarating journeys for their riders.”

Tom Blackie, CEO, VNC Automotive says, “Enovation Controls have been a fantastic, forward-thinking partner and together we’ve pulled off something great within motorcycle technology. Having successfully deployed connectivity projects such as CarPlay on behalf of all major automakers and their tier 1s for many years, we’ve steadily seen more demand coming from other transportation sectors. Understandably motorcycle, recreational, and all-terrain vehicle users want safe smartphone integration too, which we’ve been able to achieve here with Enovation Controls for their customer. It’s been an excellent experience and testament to what’s possible within tight timeframes with exceptional partners.”

Enovation Controls’ CarPlay enabled display will initially be available from the motorcycle maker in North America for new vehicles, with the potential for software updates over-the-air for older models. Model year 2025 will see the launch of this enriched riding experience. Having reached this milestone, VNC Automotive anticipate further projects utilising their technology within the recreational vehicle market sector, including snow mobiles, jet skis and other marine vehicles.


About Enovation Controls

Enovation Controls is a fast growing and innovative manufacturer of electronic controls and displays for diverse markets. Enovation Controls is an international leader in fully tailored solutions for engines, engine-driven equipment, and specialty vehicles with a broad range of displays, controls, and instrumentation products. With an internationally diverse team, Enovation Controls serves customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing, and engineering operations. Enovation Controls also partners directly with OEMs and supports a worldwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators. www.enovationcontrols.com


VNC Automotive

21st May 2024