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Our customers deliver successful products with compelling user experiences across the full spectrum of automotive applications, from consumer vehicles, fleet management to agricultural vehicle control, police and emergency services to enterprise telematics systems and much more.

Our customers include all major silicon and software vendors and a rich selection of systems integrators and application developers.

Read what our customers have to say…

“Thanks to our close collaboration with VNC Automotive we have made new APIs available to enable remote access and control of our Xperia™ smartphones. We see this as a crucial step forward in the management of information display on car dashboards as well as in customer support services for smartphones. This technology can perform remote access and control capabilities in a secure and transparent way, while the consumer stays in full control of his or her Xperia™ smartphone. Above all, we are thrilled to bring a new dimension to the in-car user experience for our Xperia™.”

-Tommy Eriksson, Head of Automotive World, Sony Mobile Communications

“VNC Automotive provides the most comprehensive and mature solution, with the widest range of cross-platform device support and features. We have found working in close collaboration with the VNC Automotive team to be a very positive experience as their flexibility and responsiveness has been instrumental in the timely delivery of our project.”

-Hideyuki Tamura, General Manager, Software Development Division, Clarion

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