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Working with us

We are on a mission to deliver the most enriching in-vehicle experience possible

Why choose VNC Automotive?

We work with our customers and partners to create intuitive, market-leading, innovative products for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Customers work with us from In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) connectivity and telematics concepts, through to embedded production-grade deployments, licensed from VNC Automotive across millions of vehicles. Our platform agnostic software supports all popular vehicle connectivity standards and a vast range of desired user experiences for drivers, passengers and operators.

Our industry accredited software is recognised for its high quality and leading performance. Every stage of delivery has been optimised and packaged for turn-key integration, minimising customer-led development and time to market. The customer maintains full customisation capabilities and control of branding and user experience.



Simple to evaluate

provision of our universal sample stack is fast and pre-built for embedding into hardware with minimal engineering overhead.

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Fast proof of concept (POC)

software comes fully optimised for integration and readily configured for customised and branded POC showcases.


Guaranteed certification

our proven IVI connectivity solution comes pre-certified and guaranteed for subsequent certification rounds


Shortest time to market

the software architecture and our extensive experience in the automotive industry allows us to deliver the shortest time to market.


Trusted partner

strong and widespread connections within the automotive ecosystem grants us early release access to OS, hardware and silicon.

Customer journey

Headquartered in Cambridge (UK) we operate in the heart of one of the world’s largest technology clusters. Our engineering team is award winning, and we are renowned for providing the highest level of service and technical support from proof-of-concept, technology delivery and into production. All projects vary depending on customer requirements and the desired end user experience, but typical milestones are outlined below.

Our credentials

VNC Automotive is on a mission to deliver the most enriching in-vehicle experience possible, through truly brilliant vehicle connectivity and telematics software. Our technology is deployed in 25 million vehicles, across 20 of the world’s largest automotive OEMs, including VW Group, Toyota, Honda, PSA and many more. We develop and supply software across the automotive ecosystem to equipment suppliers such as Bosch, Panasonic, Clarion, Pioneer and device vendors such as Sony, HTC, LG, and Huawei. We have firmly established our credentials within automotive over the last 10 years and became an independent company in 2018.

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