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Commercial Evaluation Packs

Evaluate production grade, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solution Cobalt Link+

Commercial Evaluation Packs – for organisations to trial

Trial the features and experience our popular Cobalt Link+ device connectivity solution.

Cobalt Link+ enables secure and seamless device connectivity for drivers with full access to smartphone native content, apps and services from the IVI.

Evaluation pack diagram

Our evaluation packs enable organisations to try out VNC Automotive’s industry leading IVI software, on the sample hardware provided. There are two types of commercial evaluation pack available.

Demonstration Pack

Suitable for organisations wishing to evaluate the technology and understand the capabilities of Cobalt Link+ at a high-level.

Cobalt Link+ evaluation applications

Hardware components*

License valid for 30 days**

Ready configured

No software customisation possible

Technical documentation 


Software Development Kit (SDK) Pack

Suitable for engineering research and development projects. Ideal for understanding the capabilities and the architecture behind Cobalt Link+ ahead of a more formal “proof of concept” project.

Cobalt Link+ evaluation applications

Hardware components*

License valid for 60 days**

Ready configured

Sample source-code and SDK libraries for customisation and rebranding

Technical documentation and support


* Both packs include the following hardware components:
Raspberry Pi 4, Android phone, iPhone, Wi-Fi router, HDMI display with touchscreen.

** Commercial evaluation packs must either be returned, or the license renewed after the initial evaluation period.

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