20 vehicle OEMs, 80 models, 20 million cars, 200 million devices, and growing

We work closely with our customers and partners as part of an extensive automotive ecosystem, to seamlessly integrate remote access and control. Our solutions connect from phone to vehicle, around the vehicle and to and from the Cloud.

A single supplier for VNC Telematics, MirrorLink, CarPlay, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife

As a charter member of the Car Connectivity Consortium, we are advocates of the MirrorLink® open standard for car-smartphone connectivity. We also readily embrace complementary standards such as Apple CarPlayTM, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife, and have created our own VNC AutomotiveTM standards in our VNC TelematicsTM and enhanced infotainment solution.

Drive-safe device content

Access drive-safe device content and audio on mobile devices from vehicle IVI systems using voice, touch or physical controls, while safely streaming movies and games to rear-seat consoles. Enable passengers to control IVI systems from tablets and handsets.

IVI systems

Access IVI systems and digital instrument clusters from the Cloud and stream telemetry data to concierge or helpdesk service providers. Access home and enterprise data and systems, or any Cloud content, from IVI systems.