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VNC Automotive and JVCKENWOOD partnership to provide auto industry with mirroring capability

by | Nov 2, 2021 | News

VNC Automotive

2nd November 2021

  • Partnership provides technology integration for mirroring across Android and iPhone platforms, plus app development
  • Confirmed adoption by major Japanese vehicle manufacturers to update existing solution
  • Initially optimised for demanding, tech-hungry Southeast Asia market
  • Aftermarket and additional original equipment (OE) derivatives

VNC Automotive and JVCKENWOOD have announced a partnership to provide a full smartphone and mobile device mirroring solution for vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Working closely to integrate VNC Automotive’s proven Cobalt Link+ technology into JVCKENWOOD head units, with functionality optimised for Southeast Asia, the results of the partnership have already been adopted by a major Japanese vehicle manufacturer to replace its legacy system; and others are expected to follow soon.   

“This is an exciting opportunity to continue our close working relationship with JVCKENWOOD, aiming to advance the integration of VNC Automotive’s proven mirroring technology and demonstrating its potential to transform the driver and passenger experience in a rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive market,” says Tom Blackie, VNC Automotive CEO.

“VNC Automotive was selected due to the integrity of its technology.”

“This tie-up enables the in-car entertainment experience to reflect the consumer demands of 2021 – enabling the flexibility to work, watch video content or play the latest games in an immersive environment. We are delighted to announce this partnership and to have been working so closely with JVCKENWOOD on integrating the two companies’ technologies for a number of years. Resulting in an already widely adopted solution.”

The solution developed by the partnership will overcome compatibility challenges posed by the Southeast Asia market by enabling full screen mirroring for all platforms, including Android and iPhone. Rapid proof of concept and full market-ready integration was achieved in less than three weeks, with a VNC Automotive engineer working at the JVCKENWOOD facility and closely with its own team in Japan.  

“VNC Automotive was selected due to the integrity of its technology, which has been demonstrated by the co-development of a best-in-class solution built on proven tech – it really works!” says Shigeo Tohira, Senior Manager, Software Engineering Department. “OE integration of effective mirroring technology futureproofs a car interior. It provides manufacturers with a cost-effective method of ensuring that in-car tech and ergonomics maintain a latest-generation feel. We have enjoyed working closely with VNC Automotive’s specialists over the last two years and look forward to the further roll-out of our solution as a trusted Tier 1 supplier and innovator for the aftermarket.” 

Having collaborated on an end-to-end development project, including a rigorous in-house testing programme, the partnership will continue the commercialisation. Drawing on its more than 10 years’ experience working within the passenger car market, VNC Automotive is providing a package of ongoing support that will ensure JVCKENWOOD’s product remains up to date through software and app development.

“We look forward to a long partnership with JVCKENWOOD,” concludes Blackie, “continuing the development of advanced, integrated in-car entertainment technology. Excitingly we are currently working to include additional functionality and co-develop a solution for another major automotive manufacturer that provides clearly defined differentiation. Also, as a trusted supplier, we ensure that products will meet the geographical variance in legislation that dictates the level of interaction permitted between driver and vehicle, and under which conditions – compliance and safety is a crucial aspect of innovation globally.”

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VNC Automotive

2nd November 2021