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Webinar: The evolution of IVI and the mind-blowing cars of the near future

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Blog

Kim Bale

11th February 2020

What if your car was a futuristic living room on wheels? It may sound far-fetched and fantastic, but it’s the future. And the technology required to make it happen already exists. The challenge is bringing disparate technologies together to create one coherent IVI system.

That’s where things get complicated. Below you can access a webinar in which VNC Automotive’s Dr Kim Bale discusses how these challenges will be resolved, based on a recent presentation he gave at the Automotive Grade Linux All Members Meeting.

“The car of tomorrow: a digital entertainment hub – on wheels.”

The thirty-minute webinar will give you expert insight into the following:

· A short history of vehicle connectivity

· The evolution of rear-seat entertainment

· Resolving the challenges of connectivity and bandwidth

· Audio zones: resolving the audio challenge of passenger-personalised entertainment

· The role of augmented reality and virtual reality in the cars of tomorrow

· The role of in-vehicle voice assistants

· The challenge of data control and data ownership

The car of tomorrow: a digital entertainment hub – on wheels

Picture the scene. As your car whirrs into action and adjusts your seats – just the way you like them – you are asked to confirm your journey details. As you pull away your personalised entertainment options kick in. Perhaps you will watch a film, using the front windscreen as the display. Behind you, your son has resumed his computer game using the rear-seat screen – picking up exactly where he left off in the house. Meanwhile, your daughter is learning about the local landmarks she passes with explanations projected onto the window via augmented reality.

Tomorrow’s future is coming fast 

This vision of the future may sound outlandish. But most of the technology required to make it happen already exists. And that which doesn’t is currently in development. The challenge is in reconciling different technologies into one cohesive IVI system. Making the above vision a reality requires cooperation between many different technologies and many different technology providers. Then there’s the question of who has ownership of that most valuable digital commodity: data.

Let’s dive in.



11th February 2020