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VNC Automotive Cobalt Cube® streamlines systems integration for police and emergency services vehicles

by | Jul 6, 2021 | News

VNC Automotive

6th July 2021

  • VNC Automotive launches Cobalt Cube, integrating essential apps, devices, and systems with the vehicle’s dashboard
  • Powerful automotive-grade device helps make first responder vehicles safer, more efficient, with reduced total cost of ownership
  • Technology proven across an installation base of more than 35 million vehicles worldwide
  • Available to integration partners, fleet converters and automakers from today

Police and emergency services vehicles are set to become safer and more efficient for responders, thanks to a compact but powerful new device launched today by connectivity pioneer VNC Automotive.

Capitalising on VNC Automotive’s 10 years’ of experience working with car manufacturers and police forces, Cobalt Cube® enables the secure and safe integration of multiple devices with a vehicle’s existing displays and controls, removing the need for bulky aftermarket hardware and screens.

“The launch of Cobalt Cube marks a watershed for us.” Tom Blackie, CEO

With the clutter removed from the cabin occupant safety is improved, while the significantly lower installation overhead greatly reduces the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, the dashboard remains completely intact, increasing residual value once the vehicle reaches the end of its fleet life.

“The launch of Cobalt Cube marks a watershed for VNC Automotive and, as our first hardware product, shows the ambition of the company for the future. Working with some of the largest OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers has given us a keen understanding of what our clients really need, and Cobalt Cube is only the first in a series of new products,” says Tom Blackie, VNC Automotive CEO.

Systems such as ANPR, light bars and sirens can all be controlled through the built-in dashboard display, taking advantage of a vehicle’s optimised ergonomics. PC-based applications, meanwhile, can interact with responders through the vehicle’s touchscreen while the bulky hardware remains safely and securely mounted out of sight (for example in the rear of the vehicle).


Small but powerful Cobalt Cube

Similarly, iOS and Android smartphone-based apps can be linked to the single display, making it easier and more intuitive for drivers to view mission-critical information without diverting their concentration from the road.

This high level of integration also enables additional functionality that would otherwise be impossible or prohibitively expensive to achieve. Command control operatives can, for instance, securely access live telemetry from a Cobalt Cube-equipped vehicle via the Cloud, including the ability to view feeds from vehicle cameras at the scene of an incident to create a net of surveillance or to record evidence to help secure future convictions.

Should an officer have to leave a vehicle quickly, such as to pursue a suspect, the control agent can use the Cobalt Cube to remotely secure the vehicle or make announcements via the on-board PA system.

Furthermore, information can be sent to first responder vehicles to assist them prior to arriving on-site: navigational instructions, CCTV footage of suspects, and details of other units in attendance can all be relayed to the in-car display.


Command control from the dash

The software configuration of the Cobalt Cube can be customised to suit the needs of each particular installation, enabling its deployment across a wide range of services and scenarios.

Cobalt Cube is already being integrated into vehicles by police forces and first responders across the globe. VNC Automotive’s integration work with the Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicle illustrates how emergency responders can benefit from a more connected approach.

“Cobalt Cube is the latest addition to our successful Cobalt product line. The ability to build a hardware solution to the specific needs of the police and emergency services sector allows installers to introduce advanced features quickly and easily to a wide range of vehicles. However, the customisable nature of the software gives incredible flexibility for each application,” says Peter Galek, VNC Automotive Product Engineering Director.

VNC Automotive’s technology is currently in use in over 35 million vehicles worldwide.

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VNC Automotive

6th July 2021