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VNC Automotive brings mission critical systems to the OEM screen with Cobalt Cube® at Police Fleet Expo 2023

by | Aug 9, 2023 | News

VNC Automotive

9th August 2023

  • Connectivity pioneer VNC Automotive to exhibit at Police Fleet Expo for future-facing forces
  • Cobalt Cube® brings together mission critical systems from the OEM screen, for a safer, smarter in-vehicle experience
  • Police Fleet Expo takes place in New Orleans, USA, from 14-17 August


VNC Automotive, a leading provider of vehicle connectivity solutions, will participate in the highly anticipated Police Fleet Expo, taking place between 14-17 August in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Police Fleet Expo is a premium event in the law enforcement industry, bringing together professionals and suppliers from across the nation to showcase the latest advancements in police fleet technology and equipment.  

As a first-time exhibitor at Police Fleet Expo, VNC Automotive will showcase its latest connectivity solutions, currently being adopted by future-facing fleets. Namely Cobalt Cube, which brings together essential applications, devices, and vehicle systems from the existing OEM screen. This small but powerful device is finding favour amongst all first response sectors, with police agencies across the USA preferring the safer, smarter, and more ergonomic cabin set-up that’s possible when Cobalt Cube is deployed. Upfitters are also benefiting from significantly reduced installation time and cost, and increased end of life value for fleets. 


“VNC Automotive is committed to empowering law enforcement agencies with the most advanced technologies to enhance their fleet performance and overall safety.”

Key highlights delegates can expect from VNC Automotive, at booth 742: 

Cutting edge demonstrations: First showing of Cobalt Cube integrated with market leading lights and sirens controller. In addition to popular integration of ALPR, phones, computers, and other mission critical devices, all from the dash. 

Expert insights: VNC Automotive’s industry leading engineers will be on-hand to discuss best practice approaches for moving away from expensive, legacy video switching technologies, to incorporating once disparate police fleet systems into the existing infotainment screen. 

Reseller opportunities: Law enforcement agencies can benefit from the deep local market knowledge of our resellers in North America. In addition, we are actively growing our reseller base to ensure the best in-market support for police fleets.  

“We are thrilled to participate in the Police Fleet Expo and engage with law enforcement professionals from around the country. VNC Automotive is committed to empowering law enforcement agencies with the most advanced technologies to enhance their fleet performance and overall safety,” said Clair Blackie, Director of Commercial Operations, VNC Automotive. “We look forward to showcasing our latest innovations and connecting with fellow industry leaders during this exciting event.” 

Advance demo booking can be made here and VNC Automotive can be found at booth 742. 

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VNC Automotive

9th August 2023