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Cobalt Cube® 2.0: A Major Software Release for Enhanced In-Vehicle Connectivity

by | Nov 30, 2023 | News

VNC Automotive

30th November 2023

CAMBRIDGE, UK: VNC Automotive, a leading innovator in automotive software and hardware solutions, is excited to announce the release of Cobalt Cube® 2.0, the latest iteration of their groundbreaking in-vehicle connectivity product for first response fleets. 


Available from today, this milestone update brings a host of new features and improvements, addressing customer feedback to deliver an even more integrated and ergonomic in-vehicle experience for police, fire, ambulance, and rescue vehicles.  

What’s new in Cobalt Cube 2.0?

Revamped user interface: Cobalt Cube 2.0 boasts a redesigned user interface that is both clearer and more ergonomic. The new UI is optimised for first response vehicles, ensuring that officers can intuitively access the product’s features with ease and comfort, whilst also working alongside the standard vehicle controls. 

Equipped with enterprise device management: Activating your Cobalt Cube fleet has never been quicker, thanks to this latest update. Fleet specific apps, services, and settings can be seamlessly activated, updated, and managed in bulk.  

Automated settings configuration: No more time-consuming manual configurations for setup. Cobalt Cube 2.0 takes the hassle out of setup by automatically configuring common settings, saving our customers valuable time.  

Enhanced phone call handling: Bluetooth hands-free connectivity is now enabled. Officers can enjoy an improved phone call user experience with Cobalt Cube 2.0 akin to the smartphone integration drivers would expect from consumer vehicles.  

Automatic update process: Cobalt Link+ connectivity software enables updates to happen automatically, without the need to take fleet vehicles off the road. 

“We are incredibly confident that VNC Automotive is delivering best in class installation, uptime, and user experience of any such system on the market.”

Peter Galek, Product Engineering Director, VNC Automotive says, “Since its inception Cobalt Cube has been a real hit with the market. Because, fundamentally, it proves easy and efficient to install for automakers, upfitters and converters supplying the emergency fleet vehicle market. Customers avoid the complex and costly installation processes associated with legacy video switching technologies. The solution is highly robust and stable ensuring excellent uptime and peace of mind for fleet managers. Finally Cobalt Cube allows officers to access the mission critical systems they need to perform their duties from the OEM screen, whilst ensuring occupant safety. Our latest release refines the user experience and product capabilities even further and we are excited for what is to come for Cobalt Cube in this sector and beyond. 

Tom Blackie, CEO, VNC Automotive says, “We are delighted to launch Cobalt Cube 2.0. This is the culmination of the market insight, customer, and partner feedback that we have gained from across the first response sector. We are incredibly confident that VNC Automotive is delivering best in class installation, uptime, and user experience of any such system on the market and are excited for the continued success of Cobalt Cube. I would like to thank the team for their enormous efforts to bring these updates to market.” 

Cobalt Cube 2.0 reflects VNC Automotive’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to the first response fleet industry. Cobalt Cube 2.0 will be available to existing and new customers from today, November 30th 

To learn more about Cobalt Cube and its features, visit here or to get Cobalt Cube 2.0, please contact us.

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VNC Automotive

30th November 2023