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All in one: facts and figures from our first year as an independent company

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Blog

VNC Automotive

16th July 2019

Yes, we are celebrating our first anniversary as a standalone business. It’s a year that encompassed ice skating, welcoming new team members, our first $1 million invoice and 6,912 coffees – give or take. To tell the story, here are our facts, figures and team highlights from the first year. Now, pass us the birthday cake!

Our software: 25 million vehicles and counting

We reached a significant milestone recently. Our IVI connectivity software  is now deployed in over 25 million vehicles. To ensure that number continues to grow, we have taken our product all over the world – attending and speaking at events across the US, Europe, China and Japan. Enjoying all sorts of culinary delights along the way. 

“I loved supporting our attendance Mobile World Congress. It’s an absolute giant of an event, which involves all sorts of plate spinning and collaboration with lots of team members, external agencies and so on.

“I loved supporting our attendance Mobile World Congress. It’s an absolute giant of an event, which involves all sorts of plate spinning and collaboration with lots of team members, external agencies and so on. It was really rewarding to achieve the level of exposure we did, a 63% uplift in leads from the previous year, and resulting projects with major automotive OEMs. Here’s to next year!” 

Julia, Marketing Manager

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Our business: strength in numbers

It’s been a speedy start. This year we took on 10 new customers, representing some of the most prestigious and innovative auto OEMs, Tier 1s and equipment suppliers, and completed around 20 new major projects, many of which are in production vehicles already. 

“I’ve enjoyed being involved in projects for big customers all around the world and helping them launch their products into the market. It’s also been fun seeing the company grow, I personally feel we have a great set of people that work so well together.” 

Agustin, Technical Consultant

During our first year, we have also increased our headcount by 84%, while doubling our office space at our HQ on Hills Road in Cambridge, UK.  

“My highlight this year, was seeing the team grow so significantly and seeing our new (and existing) employees embrace our culture and work ethic so positively.” 

Samantha, HR and Talent Manager

And because it’s important to give a little back, we totted up £4,210 of charitable donations and earned the Payroll Giving Silver Award from the Charities Trust for employee participation in the initiative.  

Our staff: fun, freedom and flexibility

It’s true what they say. A business’s most valuable asset is its staff. So, we make sure ours feel valued. Over the last year that has included adding share options to our extensive benefits package, introducing “giving back a day” for the team to spend a day supporting their favourite charity, and organising numerous outings – including bowling, ice skating, a beer festival, a quiz night and a visit to an open-air cinema.  

“Highlights this year include advancing our test automation capabilities for use on Android Auto and CarPlay implementations for one of our major global chipset customers. The social side has been great also, I sit on the social committee and my particular favourite outing was ice-skating with the team ahead of Christmas.” 

Paul, Test Engineer

We also believe in offering flexible working hours. After all, everyone works differently, and everyone has slightly different demands on their schedule. Our employees used approximately 1,638 hours from the standard 9-5 for their own projects. Some of our team’s side hustles include baking, coding and – of course – toddler management!  

Here’s to the next year

The first year has flown past. But more than anything, it’s made us more excited than ever for the future.

“We’ve accomplished an astonishing amount during our first year as a standalone business. It’s a point of pride for all of us and validates our ambition to be at the forefront of innovation in vehicular connectivity. The future looks genuinely exciting.” 

Tom, CEO & Founder


Here’s to the next year behind the wheel of the world’s most advanced IVI connectivity software.

Julia, Marketing Manager

16th July 2019