RealVNC joins Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup

On 13 Feb 2017, 12:28 p.m.

AGL logoThe VNC Automotive team within RealVNC is very pleased to announce that we have officially joined Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).  AGL is a Workgroup of the Linux Foundation, focused on creating open source software solutions for the automotive industry.

Given our own open source roots and our long experience with establishing and promoting standards within the automotive industry, it makes perfect sense for us to be working closely with AGL to support their ambitions.  Our own software has been running on Linux for more than a decade so we have a great deal of experience with this OS and we will work actively to promote the mission of the AGL.

  • Seamlessly integrate remote access and control features to AGL stack
  • Provide production quality and fully tested vehicle connectivity solutions
  • Contribute telematics and connectivity expertise to the Automotive industry

The well-established vehicle connectivity solutions of VNC Automotive already support the Linux OS providing capabilities such as MirrorLink, CarPlay, Android Auto and CarLife phone connectivity.  We will be sharing our experience with the AGL Workgroup and our customer base who are readily embracing AGL for numerous production projects.   

We see tremendous potential in the activities of the AGL for the automotive industry and are very excited about joining such an impressive list of AGL members from the automotive, communications and semiconductor industries.

As a demonstration of our commitment to the AGL and our enthusiasm about the potential of Linux OS for the automotive industry, we attended this years’ AGL All Members Meeting in Japan on February 8 – 10, 2017 and we will also be in Tokyo this June for the Automotive Linux Summit.

Check out the AGL press release about the new membership of RealVNC.

You can learn more about AGL by visiting the Automotive Linux website.