RealVNC® launches VNC® Viewer for Android at Mobile World Congress

On 1 Feb 2011, 5:19 p.m.

Access and control a computer from an Android device - plus integrating mobile devices with in-car infotainment systems

Following the success of its popular iPhone and iPad app RealVNC® is showcasing its new VNC® Viewer app, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, that makes it possible to connect and take full control of a remote computer from an Android mobile or tablet device. Soon to be available from the Android Market, the new VNC Viewer app will make it possible to run applications, access documents and change settings on any Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or UNIX computer from anywhere in the world, just as though you were sitting in front of it.

With a full screen display of the remote computer on the Android device, VNC Viewer is ideal for system administrators who can troubleshoot and manage remote desktops or servers, check logs or install/uninstall and test applications, wherever they are.

VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive

Also featured at MWC 2011 will be RealVNC’s latest release of its VNC® Mobile Solution for Automotive that provides remote access and control of mobile devices and desktop computers, directly from in-vehicle telematics or infotainment systems.

RealVNC’s technology enables virtually any mobile device to be automatically detected, accessed and controlled from the vehicle’s touch-screen or fixed input devices such as steering wheel switches and head unit buttons and menus. RealVNC has already signed agreements with automotive OEMs and equipment suppliers such as Clarion, Wipro, QNX, Cybercom, Elektrobit and many more. The solution supports the emerging VNC-based Terminal Mode standard proposed by CE4A (Consumer Electronics for Automotive) and Nokia for integrating mobile technology in a vehicle environment.

Demonstrating its further commitment to the automotive industry, RealVNC provides support for Apple’s iPod Out. This new feature of iOS 4 allows a connected iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch to output and display the dedicated iPod Out user interface on the screen of an in-vehicle head unit and to accept remote control commands from vehicle input devices.

VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive supports all the leading mobile devices including Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry, as well as development versions of iPhone, Android, WebOS and Linux. Available as an OEM package it also supports a range of in-vehicle embedded operating systems including Linux, Windows XP, Automotive, CE, QNX, Qt, Android, µITRON, T-Kernel and other proprietary operating systems.

Latest cross-platform remote control for mobile devices

Exhibiting for the third year running, RealVNC will also be featuring the latest release of its VNC® Mobile Solution for Helpdesk and Device Management, to remotely access, control and manage any number of mobile devices or applications from a desktop computer. VNC Mobile Solution will be demonstrated on numerous OEM partner stands at MWC including Sicap and Jungo for applications such as device management services that allow customer care agents to remotely access and control mobile devices to configure or troubleshoot problems and offer assistance and training for installed applications. VNC Mobile Solution supports multiple platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Linux Mobile, with Maemo and Meego coming soon.

“It has been an exciting 12 months for RealVNC and Mobile World Congress provides a truly global platform to showcase our latest cross-platform, personal and professional mobile applications,” said Tom Blackie, Vice President Mobile at RealVNC. “Our world-leading technology received further endorsement earlier this month when we announced a collaboration with Google to provide remote access technology and expertise with an initial focus on Google’s Chrome products.”

Visit RealVNC on stand 2J69 at Mobile World Congress, 14-17 February in Barcelona.

About RealVNC

RealVNC’s software solutions are used by hundreds of millions of people in both desktop and mobile platforms for remote access and control. VNC® is used widely in hundreds of different applications, from helpdesks to virtualization. RealVNC’s commercial products have been shipped to customers in all sectors throughout the world.

RealVNC also works with many OEM partners to license VNC technology for inclusion in their product or service and is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC in third-party products and offerings. For more information, visit

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