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VNC Automotive will be Showcasing our Latest Solutions

Come join us at TU Europe Germany where VNC Automotive will be showcasing our latest solutions, encompassing phone and vehicle connectivity, including MirrorLink and VNC Telematics™. Our cross-platform solution offers the widest range of silicon platforms and operating systems, and supports both USB and wireless connections.

The VNC Automotive solution is standards-compliant and features mature, production ready, agnostic automotive connectivity technology.  We’ve created a unified solution that supports MirrorLink, VNC Enhanced, Android Auto, CarPlay and CarLife in a single, easy to use and quick to deploy package.  This unified approach brings many benefits, especially the simplification of device detection and configuration. 

VNC Automotive will also be demonstrating VNC Telematics™, which allows connectivity between vehicles and cloud-based content applications. The latest development in VNC Telematics uses the RealVNC’s cloud architecture to introduce Real-Time Telematics™.  This new technology supports true bi-directional, interactive use cases enabling customer support agents to connect directly to vehicle dashboard displays for real-time driver assistance.

The cloud infrastructure is available as a hosted service provided by RealVNC, or can be deployed on-premise within your own IT infrastructure providing full control. Strong enterprise grade encryption ensures communications are secure, maintaining data integrity, privacy and protection from unwanted snooping and potential vehicle hacking.

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Event Details

When: 02-03 November, 2016

Where: ICM - Internationales Congress Center, Munich, Germany

VNC Automotive stand: TBC

URL: http://www.tu-auto.com/europe/

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